After much consideration, I have decided that 2015 will have been the final year for the WWDC Night of Meat, and will not be returning in 2016. Planning and financing a large event involves signing legal contracts, wrangling sponsors, and handling lots of money, which has caused me a ton of stress I don't have the energy for. I would like to thank the hundreds of people who attended or got on the wait list for the Night of Meat over the years, selling out in minutes year after year, making it one of the most fiercely competitive and popular WWDC events I've ever seen. Thank you all so much.

If you would like to plan your own events at a churrascaria in San Francisco, please feel free to do so! You can make your own reservations at our restaurant, Espetus (I recommend dinner service, as it has more meats, though it is more expensive). New this year is another option, Fogo de Chão, a block away from Moscone West (where the Chevys used to be). And of course, I hope you will contribute to the National Center for Women in Information Technology, our non-profit of choice for years.

Thank you all for your interest and your attendance. I hope to see you at WWDC this year.

Steve Streza

(If you have any questions, please send them to @WWDCNightOfMeat.)